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Creating a memorial as a tribute to the memory of a loved one, is a significant journey. Do not feel rushed or pressured.
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  • 27 Jul

    Benefits to preparing and pre paying a memorial

    If you want something done properly…

    1. Lasting Legacy – Memorialisation has been a time-honoured tradition dating back thousands of years.  Having your family’s sacred ground chosen and identified with a memorial ensures that your legacy and heritage will live on forever.
    2. Range of Options – As time goes on, your options for memorialisation are limited.  Certain granites may not be available anymore and space is becoming more and more limited.  Restrictions at cemeteries on size, shape, colour and design are increasing.
    3. Hedge Against Inflation & Financial Responsibilities – No matter what happens, memorialisation will be complete.  We can’t predict our financial future.  Certain troubles can delay or indefinitely keep families from purchasing a proper memorial in a timely manner.  Make sure your legacy is preserved in stone.
    4. Stress Free – A critical decision will not have to be made at such an emotional time after a death.  Becoming aware of your options before having to make quick decisions will ease the difficulty when going through the design process.
    5. Risk Free – You actually see the finished product and it is all pre-paid and prepared before the time comes.  All that is left is the minimal cost of engraving the final lettering.
    6. Life Insurance is Used for Intended Purposes – Your life insurance is used for its intended purchases, which is to take care of those you love and care about.
    7. Family Matters – Unfortunately disputes can arise concerning the details of the monument or memorial.  Avoid this confrontation by taking care of you monument now.
    8. Estate Planning is Complete – The monument is one of the last steps in the process.  Estate planning is not done until the memorial has been included.  You can use the process as a spend-down.
    9. Shared Decision – You spend your whole life preparing and making critical decisions with your loved ones.  Why should this decision be any different?
    10. The Process can be Fun & Fulfilling – The design and decision process can often be fun, believe it or not.  It allows you to reflect on your life and discuss it with family and friends to come up with a way to best represent the life you lived.


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